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Websites rank for various phrases, and when they do, it's because people are looking for answers to questions. On our site, questions are related to either online casinos or online casino games. Our goal with this page is to answer some of the questions that bring visitors to our website, all in one place. (It makes for a nice and eclectic collection of information on our site too.) Casino online gambling is very entertaining and the odds are sometimes better than Las Vegas. was last updated on 1/17/2011.

What is a "virtual money wheel"?

Someone asking about a "virtual money wheel" might be looking for a specific online casino game available from Grand Virtual casinos. They might be looking for something else, but my guess is that they're looking for what is more commonly called "the wheel of fortune". This isn't the wheel of fortune game that's hosted by Pat Sajak. It's an ancient gambling game where you bet on a specific number that comes up when they spin the wheel.

Where can I find "stip blackjack games"?

We offer a page about Microgaming powered casinos, and one of their most popular games is "Vegas strip blackjack". I think in this day and age, people with questions about "stip blackjack" or "strip blackjack" are probably looking for info about a game similar to strip poker, as opposed to blackjack games that are found on the Las Vegas Strip. The Online Blackjack Daddy site has an article about strip blackjack.

What kind of roulette side bets are available?

Most of the time, roulette bets are just roulette bets. You place a bet on what number is going to come up on the wheel. When you start talking about "roulette side bets", you're talking about progressive roulette games, where you might be betting on a specific number coming up several times in a row. Roulette Royale from Microgaming is an example of a roulette game that offers side bets. The $1 side bet feeds the progressive jackpot, which pays out if the same number comes up on the roulette wheel five times in a row.

What kind of progressive slots are available at Grand Virtual casinos?

Grand Virtual casinos offer progressive slots, progressive slot machines, and progressive video poker games. Some of the progressive jackpots available at Grand Virtual casinos include:

  • Faerie Tale
  • Progressive Jacks or Better video poker
  • Progressive Deuces Wild video poker

How do you play Poker Pursuit from Microgaming?

Poker Pursuit is a relatively new online casino table game from Microgaming powered casinos. Strictly speaking, it's a video poker game, but it's not based on draw poker like most video poker games are. And unlike most video poker games, you don't receive all five cards at once. You ante, and then you're dealt three cards. You can raise or call before seeing the fourth card. You're also given the option to raise or call before seeing the river.

Microgaming's Poker Pursuit is a fun video poker variation worth trying.

What is the Playtech house edge?

The house edge at Playtech depends on what game you're playing. The slots' house edge is anyone's guess, but I'm sure that it's somewhere between 3% and 25% depending on the slot machine game. But on games like roulette, blackjack, and craps, the Playtech house edge is determined by the rules of the game:

  • Playtech blackjack has a house edge of 0.52% under their original rules.
  • Playech single deck blackjack has a house edge of 0.48%.
  • Playtech Blackjack surrender has a house edge of 0.39%.
  • Playtech Blackjack Switch has a house edge of 0.17%.
  • Playtech craps has a house edge of 1.67% if you make the right bets and lay odds.
  • Playtech keno has a house edge of 7.25%.
  • Playtech Let It Ride has a house edge of 13.77%.
  • Playtech Pai Gow poker has a house edge of 2.85%.
  • Playtech roulette has a house edge of 5.26% if you play the double zero wheel. If you play single zero roulette, the house edge is only 2.7%.

So basically, the Playtech house edge is determined by the game more than by being "Playtech".

What is the Microgaming slots edge?

The house edge on a Microgaming slot machine is going to vary based on which game you play, but the payout percentages that used to be shown on all their sites and which were audited by Price Waterhouse Coopers were always over 90%. So the Microgaming slots edge is probably around 10%, give or take.

What is the Microgaming keno house edge?

According to Michael Shackleford, the Microgaming keno house edge is 3.46% on their best keno game. That's the pick 13 option which has that low of a house edge. If you know much about keno, you probably know that a house edge of 3.46% is a really good deal on keno. (Although it sucks compared to Jacks or Better or blackjack.)

What are Microgaming online flash casinos?

Microgaming online flash casinos offer the same games as the downloadable version of a Microgaming casino, with a few exceptions. Progressive jackpot games aren't available in the flash version of Microgaming casinos. A few of the other games are only available in the downloadable version of their casino too.

The Microgaming online flash casinos are fine if for some reason you can't or won't download software, but if you're a serious player, you should probably get the full version so you can play all of the games. And if you're into progressive jackpots, then you definitely want to go for the download version of a Microgaming casino.

Where can I find online casinos in Italian?

According to the Casino City website, there are at least 195 online casinos in Italian. That means that you can play the games in Italian. Some of the better known casinos which have Italian language capabilities include:

  • 888
  • Euro Grand
  • Jackpot City
  • Casino Tropez
  • Spin Palace

There are a lot more online casinos in Italian, so we might create a complete directory of them at some point in the future.

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